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Electric Vehicle Charging


With the growing demand for environmentally friendly solutions in our everyday use and consumption, it is no wonder that EV charging for your vehicle is just one of the rapidly growing markets of today.


Our specialized team of registered electricians, who have the experience, equipment and expertise to design, install and certify your EV charging infrastructure can help you achieve your goal for the environment and all future generations


We provide:

  • Design
  • Install
  • Service
  • Certification
  • Periodic Assessments (Public charging)


Designing and Installing


From the supply and install of a basic wall box unit in your residential garage, to designing and installing a multi-unit configuration in a commercial car-park, we have the team who can do it all.


We use the EV installation guidelines and standards to give you the ‘peace of mind’ of knowing that your install has been done to the highest standards and requirements.


EV Charging


The product we supply and install can be managed via WiFi or Ethernet from your phone or computer and is produced to comply with all current NZ legislation and Work Safe requirements. See our recommended EV charging infrastructures.


So give us a call or use our ‘Contact Us’ page to get your ’no obligation’ consultation or quote today.


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