We can help with your electrical requirements

At KBE Electrical, we are experts in everything to do with home renovation and alteration. We will install your new wiring with care and precision, and can easily set up the whole spectrum of electrical appliances, from ovens to hot water cylinders and anything in between. Due to our excellent work ethic and reliable team, KBE Electrical is the ideal choice to make sure your renovation is completed successfully and on time.

We can review and repair existing structures, and even rewire your entire home if necessary. Many older buildings have wiring that is now outdated by today’s standards. At KBE Electrical, safety is our number one priority, so we are willing and able to rewire any home, new or old, to get it up to scratch. With 25+ years experience in renovations and alterations, KBE Electrical are experts at home rewiring.

Exterior Services
We offer both outdoor and security lighting design, layout and installation
Interior Services
We provide home heating and ventilation solutions, as well as rewiring, utilities and general maintenance