New Builds

We can help with your electrical requirements

We offer you the whole package from beginning to end covering everything from builders temporary power to landscape and outdoor lighting, catering to all the electrical needs of your new home. A convenient and cost effective option with all your services in the same place, KBE will make your vision a reality.

New Installations

Years of experience in the industry, means we have the knowledge to carry out entire installations from the ground up. Modern homes require more complex processes than simply running a few main lines and connecting the phone and TV cables. All our team members are up to date with the latest in electrical processes from security systems to in-home networking, as well as standard installations like lighting, ventilation and home-heating.

There’s nothing we won’t do. While your project is under construction, we will work closely with other trades such as plumbers and plasterers so that our wiring, black boxes, power points and light fittings are installed exactly where and how you request, while complying with industry regulations. We are more than capable of providing extra services as well, such as outdoor security lighting and the installation of appliances. Whatever electrical needs you require, KBE Electrical can and will deliver.